We Have Forgotten.

One of my very first poems…

We Have Forgotten.

In a Cathedral Forest, in a sacred place

Far away from the human race

Trees whisper in a language long forgotten

Now abandoned and betrayed by men

The Rivers sigh but we do not listen

In our arrogance we have forgotten

Who and What we are.

As we scramble and claw for purpose and meaning

We ache for comfort and belonging

Lost our connection, far from our centre.

Our sanctuary and our shelter

Lost in a wild dance of confusion

We grasp at shadows and illusion.

Ignorant and arrogant, we do what we please

Glimpses of memory tantalize and tease.

In a maddening spiral we spin and weave

In frantic swirls of thought, our Egos deceive

Do we perceive what we believe?

Or do we believe what we perceive

Are they not the same?

Perhaps it is just a game?

Or a figment of the mind?

A grand illusion of some kind

Do we not realize the cost?

As we weep for Paradise lost

We have forgotten

Who and What we are.

C Denis Murphy 15 June 2015.

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