Life is but a Gamble.


Life is but a Gamble

Life is but a gamble

As on the path of life we amble

As we make our way

By night and by day

Through the good times and the bad

The joyful and the sad

Through sunshine and the rain

The laughter and the pain

All our worries and concern

The lessons we never learn

Through shattered fragments of our wildest dreams

Our illusions and our foolish schemes

Opportunities lost and words unspoken

Like castles of sand,crumbled and broken

Washed away by waves upon the shore

The fool stands before the open door

But fears to take that step inside

Turns and runs away to hide  

Still searching  for all that glistens

Our mind hears but never listens

What the wise man tries to teach

Utopia is beyond our reach

We build our walls and dungeons alone

Stronger than any of metal and stone

We are both Prisoner and Jailer

Both builder and creator

Only we hold the Key

To set our spirits free

From the shackles of our fears

From our sorrow and our tears

The Choices we make

The Chances we take

The past has gone, the future not here

We can not live in regret and in fear

We can only live in the here and now

Yet we fail to learn this lesson somehow

We weave and tangle such plots and schemes

Live the Dream, not in your dreams

c/Denis Murphy 18 Feb 2017.

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