And Here Be Dragons.

Just a little whimsical poem

I caught the morning sunlight shining on a cobweb as it fluttered  in the breeze. It reminded me of a sail on an old sailing ship, And that lead me to write a poem about the power of imagination of children and when we become adults we often sadly lose that ability.

And here be dragons


A silken cobweb caught in the breeze

Like a satin sail on emerald seas

Or a fairy ship that sails the skies

Above the seagull’s lonely cries

Far above the cotton clouds

Far away from human crowds

Moonlight magic and silver cloud

Magic castles float tall and proud

And shapes so wonderous we can not describe

What magic and wonder these clouds can hide

And far below where dragons sleep

Beneath sacred lakes and oceans deep

The heartbeat of the ocean floor

Like a drum beat upon a distant shore

Where Mermaids sigh and softly weep

Singing sad songs, what secrets they keep

In dreams our spirits soar and fly

Where magical dragons rule the sky

On wings of azure blue and emerald green

And flashes of crimson can just be seen

Through clouds of silver our spirits glide

On  dragon’s wings we soar and ride

To fantastic places and faraway lands

And endless beaches of golden sands

Remember as a child we had such dreams

When we grow up,we forget it seems

Innocence  lost and imagination restrained

Our hopes and dreams in dungeons chained

Time to rediscover our childlike ways

And the wonders of our halcyon days

What wonderful places in our minds we can go

If we just sit and let our spirits flow.


C Denis Murphy 11 Nov 2016.

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