A Place of Magic, a Place of Dreams.

A Place of Magic, a Place of Dreams.

On a cold winter’s morning, such a beautiful day

Down through the town,I made my way

And took the old path by the river side

And watched for a while, a pair of swans glide

On waters so peaceful, so calm and serene

A balm for the soul, nature’s perfect scene

By the old stony bridge I did take a seat

And listened for a while to the soft music beneath

Giggling and gurgling and making it’s way

Singing it’s wild song by night and by day

From the wild places, rivers and streams

A place of magic, a place of dreams

While a lonely sentinel stands on a log

A heron, half hidden in early morning fog

Like an old grey fisherman, patient and still

While far in the distance on a lonely hill

A hungry fox hunts, while the hare hides and waits

Nearby an ancient yew tree guards the gates

To a field where, in silence, stands a circle of stone

The race who built this, their fate unknown

Whispers of druids and priests and  magic they tell

Tales of ancient heroes and villains and warriors who fell

In a battle long forgotten

Between the Gods and mortal men

Mystery and magic haunt this place

Time outside time, a sacred space


The present and the past go hand in hand

The ancient stones like a silent witness stand

The circle of stone forms a magical ring

In the sky above, a raven takes wing

A keeper of secrets, a guardian of dreams

In this sacred place, nothing is what it seems

In the half light, shadows take form

And the gods gather before the coming storm

Spirits of water and of the rivers and lakes

Of sacred groves in deep forest glades

In this sacred place, this magical stone ring

The ancient ones gather to pray and to sing

From the hills and the valleys and villages they come

In ceremony and ritual,to the heartbeat of the drum

In this cathedral of stone, the sacred fire burns

While the wheel of time in an endless spiral turns

From birth in the east to death in the west

From order and chaos, a time of unrest

The journey of  life we must make

And hard is the road and path we must take

A new day dawns, a crimson sunrise, a bleeding sky

Another day, another season, another year rolls by

In the circle of life and the wheel of time

From the cradle to the grave, the passage of time

A time to laugh and a time to weep

And the stones stand silent, their secrets they keep

In a field of half light, shadows and shades

The shadows gather around me, as the vision fades

I suddenly wake as if from a dream

Of battles and heroes, so real it did seem

And find myself back on the bridge by the river

So I sit for awhile, and give a little shiver


Then make my way home just in time for my dinner.

c.Denis Murphy 20 Sept 2015



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