A Far Away Place

This a poem about sleepless nights  and how I  use my mind to relax and eventually fall a sleep…it works sometimes !!


A Far Away Place


It’s 4 30 am and I can’t sleep

Not sure if I should laugh or weep

My body is restless and jumping around

Whether I stand or sit no rest can be found

Muscles are cramping and twisted and sore

I’m trying to keep my feet on the floor

Dystonia and dyskinesia battle for my attention

My body and my mind so full of tension

I try to read but my mind won’t stay still

Maybe I should take some kind of chill pill

Too tired to move or to exercise

I’ll go back to bed, that might be wise


But the world is asleep and oblivious to my pain

Outside the wind blows and here comes the rain

Wrapped in a shroud of shadows so black

Waiting for the light of day to come back

So I lie for a while and contemplate my life

The good things, the bad, the struggle and strife

I take a deep breath and let my mind go

To a faraway place where the wild waters flow

To a place I am safe and have been to before

And find myself on a far distant shore

And there on a beach, I sit on some rocks

And forget about time and watches and clocks


Far removed from the world of mankind

I look around to see what I can find

Waters so tranquil, it can hardly seem true

Away in the distance under skies so blue

A hidden valley can just be seen

And a tall forest so many shades of green

Fragrant and fresh, shining and bright

An aura so clear, a wonderful sight  

Cotton clouds and castles in the air

A bridge made of rainbows to get you there

To a magical realm of imagination you will find

A Faraway Place, a sanctuary for the mind

Sights and sounds to gladden my heart

Suddenly I’m back in my bed with a start

I wake to greet morning’s first light

A clink in the curtain, so clear and so bright.

A brand new day brings blessing and new hope

And the courage and strength and the will to cope.


c/ Denis Murphy 09 Mar 2017



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