A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year

On a day the world weighs  heavily upon your shoulder

When your muscles ache and weary bones grow colder

And the icy cold fingers of despair reach out

To grip your heart and freeze your mind with doubt

And fill your soul with such dread and fear

As you struggle in sadness, not to shed a tear

Afraid that the floodgates may burst open

And sweep you away on a wave of emotion

On a tide of shattered dreams and strangled hope

As you pray for the strength in your struggle to cope

Fearful that you may lose  your self-control

And reveal your very fragile and naked soul

On a day when your doubts and fears

Bring you so much sadness and bitter tears

Look to nature for a place to start

Let the breath of life into your weary heart

Look around at so much beauty you can find

And to your heart, be gentle and kind

May the wonders of the world that you see

Encourage you and take you to where you need to be

May you find deep within a tiny spark of light

Let that ember of hope bring you comfort and respite

And ignite a beacon of light so bright

A shield to protect from the dark demons of the night

To comfort and to nourish

To protect and encourage

On your voyage of discovery.

On your path and life’s journey

To guide you to whatever road is right

And wrap you in a cloak of pure love and delight


c Denis Murphy 31 Dec 2015

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