Fernando’s Pizzeria and Takeaway.

Fernando’s Pizzeria and Takeaway

If you’re really feeling hungry and are wondering what to eat

Call to Fernando’s in Riverstown, for that special treat 

Where the best Italian pizzas can be found

So good that people come from miles around 

There are even rumours that aliens have been seen 

Strange lights in the sky there have been

Searching for Fernando’s Takeaway

From a galaxy far, far away.

Depending on your appetite, a choice of dishes

A fantastic menu to satisfy anyone’s wishes

Double pepperoni or a feast of meat

A tasty Margarita for a Friday night treat

Or a large Hawaiian for Sunday dinner

Whatever you choose, you’re on to a winner 

You can keep your smoked salmon and caviar

Just give me Fish and chips with plenty salt and vinegar

A large Chicken supper with mushy peas 

A homemade burger with or without cheese

A side order of curry and delicious onion rings

Just a few examples of some wonderful things

So the next time you are in Riverstown

Make sure that you call down

And meet Fernando and his happy crew

Service with a smile and at the right price too

Or just pick up the phone, don’t hesitate

You won’t have long to wait

For quality and service they will not be beaten

And the best pizza you will ever have eaten.

C. Denis Murphy 18 August 2020.

For more information on my poetry – Please check out my

Website: www.denismurphy.blog

Or my Facebook page : Denis Murphy’s Poetry.

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