Of all Things Scary on Halloween..

Of all Things Scary on Halloween…


Witches on broomsticks, cackles and shrieks

From deep in the crypt, a coffin lid creaks

Werewolves and Vampires in the deep shadows creep 

Howling at the Moon, the wailing Banshees weep

The ghosties and ghoulies are all out tonight

Be careful or they’ll give you such a terrible fright  

Footsteps crunching gravel, a loud knock on the door

Monsters and creatures from old tales and Folklore 

Another Zombie and a Mummy among the Living Dead

With blood on his bandages and a knife in his head

Escaped from the tomb or a shallow grave

Only the very foolish or the very brave

Would venture out tonight, after sunset 

Please remember children and do not forget

That the woods and the shadows are haunted tonight

Do not go there alone or follow any strange Light 

Jack o’ the Lantern will lead you astray

Or the Headless Coachman may carry you away

On his fiery steeds, so fierce and proud

And vanish in the darkest cloud

A portal to the Otherworld, where Space and Time

Dance, to another Rhythm and another Rhyme.



C .Denis Murphy 31 October 2019


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