Ode to Oscar

Ode to Oscar


He is gone now, my faithful friend

I held him close to the very end

He is now beyond any sorrow or pain

My walking companion through sunshine and rain

Through storms and sullen clouds of grey

To blue skies on a midsummer’s day

On misty mornings down by the river

In freezing fog that made us shiver

It was precious time, time well spent

As you followed a trail or an exciting scent

Frosty morning, cold blustery days

But now we must go our separate ways


There were days when I left you down

When I had to go alone or into town

But you always greeted me with wagging tail

So happy to see me, without fail

And happy  just to share some time

As thick as thieves,we were partners in crime

Barking madly at the cat on the wall

Chasing crows and playing ball

Then eating my slippers my newspaper

Running off with and skinning my sliotar

You loved chocolate biscuits and anything sweet And the odd juicy bone as a  special treat

Ready and willing  to clean the dinner plates

Neighbourhood watch sitting at the front gates

Always seeking mischief and innocent fun

And a warm welcome for everyone


While we walked through field and wood

Through marsh and meadow, whenever we could

You left your message on every tyre and tree

On every pillar and lamp post you had to wee

And listened so patiently to my plans and schemes

My troubles, my worries,my hopes and my dreams

You are gone now , my faithful friend

Death comes to all  in the very end

I will miss your gentle snores and your eyes so bright

With the  joy of the moment and simple delight

And the joy that you gave me right to the end

Thank you Oscar, my faithful friend.

C Denis Murphy 13 February 2019.



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