TV or not TV.


TV is on but there is nothing on

Oh where have all the good shows gone ?

Plastic people on panel shows

The latest celeb whom nobody knows

Daytime chat shows and drama queens

Everyone’s a celebrity or so it seems

Who’s divorcing who and who’s having a baby

Mindless chatter and drivel drive you crazy

From behind the mask of hypocrisy

Caustic comments and words of insincerity

A malicious delight and glee in their eyes

Vicious rumours, innuendos and lies

Mocking lips and smiles so fake

So trivial and trite, Oh for goodness sake

And that must have gadget from the online shop

While you just flick and channel hop


Not sure which annoy me the most

Pointless quiz shows with a sycophantic host

Or doctors and “experts “ giving their opinions and advice

Playing with  people’s emotions, not very nice

In front of the cameras, a public confession

Other people’s miseries have become an obsession

Wallowing in self pity and selfish lives

Who’s been sleeping with their best friend’s wives

While his wife’s been with the boy the next door

Is nothing sacred anymore ?

Nothing seems to be relevant or real

A generation who do not care or feel

In our self obsession and vanity

We have lost our dignity and humanity

In our frantic search for 15 minutes of fame

We have lost our pride, have we no shame ?
C Denis Murphy 23 October 2018


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