A Heart Once Broken.


A Heart Once Broken  – (poem version)


Sometimes, I still think of you and me

The way things were and used to be

When I hear that song we used to sing

On that old guitar, I used to bring

Broken dreams and bitter tears

With the passing of so many years

Remind me of how I used to feel

A heart once broken may never heal


All our hopes and dreams

Our future plans and foolish schemes

Carried away on a summer breeze

Over deepest ocean and stormy seas

Yesterday you were here in my heart

Today, we are so far apart

The singer may now be gone

But the song goes on and on…


I wonder do you ever think of me

The way thing were and used to be

Do you miss those halcyon days

Our wild and innocent ways

Or have you found that special one

To make you happy and make life fun

Were your hopes and dreams revealed

A heart once broken can be healed


  1. Denis Murphy 05 December 2017.


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