Deep in the Garden.


Deep in the Garden


The song of the blackbird brings joy to my heart

A magical spell, it casts from the start

Plaintiff and lonely, such magic it weaves

Deep in the Garden, bough, branch and leaves

A robin chirps sharply from an old apple tree

A warning to others, this is his territory

So the challenge has been issued, accepted and met

A symphony of songbirds, the duel is set

Other birds twitter and try to compete

But can only contribute,a twitter or tweet

Yet in tune and in harmony, so beautiful,so clear

A magical symphony of sound fills the air


Deep in the Garden, like a harp on the breeze

The Wind runs her fingers, through the hedges and trees

Sweet music she whispers, with a soft sigh

At the end of the Garden, a river flows by

Gurgling and giggling, gasping with glee  

On her life’s journey, from source to the sea

Dancing and tumbling over pebble and stone

On her green mossy banks, insects hover and drone

Laughing in Moonlight as she skips along

Sparkling in Sunlight, she sings her secret Song

Telling her story of the sights she has seen

Of the wild lonely places, she has travelled through and been


Just sit and listen to the sounds all around

Sun on your shoulders, feet on the ground

The whispers of the trees, the wind in your hair

So let go of your worries ,the troubles and care

Just close your eyes and listen for awhile

To the stories around you and let yourself smile

And follow the trail to where you will find

That Garden for your body, your soul and your mind.

And join in this symphony, this tapestry of sound

Such peace and tranquility, a haven can be found

Away from the noise, distractions, the trivial pursuits

Deep in the Garden among bough, branch and roots.


c.Denis Murphy 09 March 2018


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