The Tale of a Cat, a Dog and a little brown Mouse.

The Tale of a Cat, a Dog and a little brown Mouse


In the rambling old house

There lives a little mouse

In the silence of the night

The old clock strikes midnight

Sometimes you can hear him

A faint echo in the shadows dim

The patter and scurry of tiny little feet

As he scuttles along for fear he might meet

The old ginger tomcat, asleep by the fireside

He cautiously searches for places to hide

The little brown mouse scurries around

In search of any treats and titbits to be found

Left unguarded by the dog, snoring in his bed

The little mouse cautiously pokes his head

Through the hole in the kitchen floor

There,in the corner, by the backdoor

He plans his raid on the dog’s dinner bowl

And escape route back to the safety of the hole

Avoiding traps and their alluring baits

Where sanctuary and his family waits.

Tonight his mission was successful

They will sleep with stomachs full

And one night he will surely fail

But that, my friends, is another tale


C Denis Murphy 25 December 2017.




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