a cold winter’s morning.


Here is one of my first poems on nature.

the imagery came from a view I had while travelling by car through a forested mountain pass.  It was enveloped by a mist of rain. What we call in Ireland – “a soft day”. It just captured on of those beautiful moments when you connect with nature and realise that we are a part not apart from nature.


A cold winter’s morning

on a cold winter’s morning so pale and so bright

a canvas of muted colours in soft morning light

images and outlines in shades of pastel

imagined or real , difficult to tell

half light and shadow deceive and play

tricks on our senses, at this time of day

the winter sun, so faint and so pale

slanting sunlight peering through the thin veil

tendrils of cloud like torn banners unfurled

casting long shadows from another world

like demented demons, dancing around

the sparkle of starlight on the glistening ground

as dew on the grass captures the sun’s light

on a cold winter’s morning, so pale and so bright

c/Denis Murphy 02 November 2015.





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