Life in Slow Motion.

Life in Slow Motion

Another day another dawn

I stretch my weary muscles and yawn

Another restless night of tossing and turning

Of stupid thoughts and needless worrying

Of aches and pains and cramping feet

I open my eyes, the new day to greet

From shallow sleep and broken dreams

My life has utterly changed, or so It seems


Reality for me now is life in slow motion

Twisting and stretching the fabric of emotion

Between sadness and joy, hopes and tears

Extreme fatigue and anxious fears

On days like these I wonder why

As I try to smile and not to cry

What did I do to deserve this curse

Yet we must remember there are many much worse


A few moments of self pity, that is allowed

As I struggle to banish this dark grey cloud

Of sadness and anger, of loss and despair

Why me, what did I do, it’s just not fair

While I struggle to deal with the simplest task

I remember the man behind the mask

The man I use to be, in another life

Before this struggle and all this strife


And the days I took so much for granted

In pursuit of so many things I wanted

For material things in a fruitless quest

Arrogant and ignorant, we think we know best

So much we take for granted until it is lost

Snatched away before we can count the cost

We do not appreciate until it is gone

But all around us life goes on


But enough self pity, that’s my quota for today

I can’t leave negativity  get in the way

Like parasites or vampires they feed if unchecked

If I leave my mind and thoughts unguarded

So I think of the good things in my life

My family and friends  and especially my wife

I struggle to rise and get out of bed

And sit for awhile to clear my head


Then ponder for awhile on the day ahead

And change my thoughts to be positive instead

Morning light chases the shadows away

And I rise to face the challenges of another day

With courage and determination and  mixed emotion

Reality for me now IS life in slow motion.

And be thankful and grateful for another chance

For the precious gift of life and even this slow dance.


  1. Denis Murphy 24 July 2016.


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