A Moment of Pure Being.

Here is a poem I wrote about simply being in the moment and appreciating the nature all round us, if only we stop and listen.

A Moment of Pure Being


Quiet moments of contemplation

In a quiet garden of meditation

Sitting here in morning sunshine

All I need in the world is mine

Basking in the gentle heat

From my head right down to my feet

Listening to the sound of nature all around

Such tranquility and peace can be found

Insect’s drone and songbirds sing

Caught in the moment of pure being

Gentle trickle of the garden pond

Takes my mind far beyond

Busy neighbours doing busy things

While I sit and listen as the robin sings

Alone with my thoughts and reflections

At one with the world and it’s perfections

Then my neighbour appears with her cup of tea

And chatters away quite happily

The moment has gone, the peace is broken

My conscious mind has awoken

Back to the trivial matters of the day

Ah well ‘twas time to get moving anyway.


c/ Denis Murphy 28 Mar 2017.